June 5, 2019

LARP Convention Games

What differentiates LARP games at conventions from those held at other sites? Are convention LARPs more immersive and more new player friendly? And what are some tips for those trying your first LARP at a convention?

Ryan sits down with an assorted circle of guests with varying degrees of LARP experience: James Medina, Ashley Bargenquast, Anson Thurston and Alex Webber. We recorded this at Kublacon, a gaming convention in San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend. As we were recording in a panel room, you'll hear guest voices who popped in their head to say hello and con murmuring outside the walls.

This recording was gone at Kublacon over Memorial Day Weekend and is the first of our Kublacon podcast series, interviewing and discussing various topics from the guests at the convention.


Roleplaying in games enables people to play several characters, but what if that person is someone that you have always wished to be? Ryan speaks with Chelle Gibbons, Taylor Frost and Aleks Thurman on how LARP has been a way to roleplay personality traits and even identities that we are curious to explore. We mention some of our personal experiences but also some advice when deciding to try this aspect of LARP for your next character.

This was recorded on a drive on the way to Kai's game of Dystopia Rising NorCal in a moving van so environmental noise is in the recording.

April 17, 2019

How to Ask for Help

The hosts, Kai, Cynthia Marie and Ryan go deep and get very personal into asking for help both in-character and in real life when it comes to live action roleplaying. We have very frank discussions about our own experiences and discuss practical solutions on what to do when a person is overwhelmed from a situation in LARP or how to deal with a person that makes you uncomfortable.

We also talk about the phenomenon "The Broken Stair" in LARP and how this affects the safety of the LARP community and what can be done to fix it.



This is a supplementary episode for Life. Action. RolePlay! where one of the hosts, Ryan, answers questions about the interactive LARP livestream show "Blank Slate" on the Scabby Rooster Twitch channel from the internet. 

The show is on Tuesdays at 8pm PST on twitch.tv/ScabbyRooster 

The first episode we posted here on Life. Action. RolePlay! wasn't actually the first that Cyn and I recorded.

We had another podcast that we recorded earlier which is our very first one. After listening to it, I decided that it wasn't... quite right to start off this Podcast. 

So Cyn and our friend, Nox, suggested I take our first podcast and react to it to see how bad it was and react to it.

It involved a lot of mimosas. You can hear the pour of champagne in the middle of the recording.

Let's take a trip down memory lane as we listen to, and I comment on, that very first recording for this show.

Trying to come up with a new character concept? Or maybe you've played a long time character like Ryan has and it's taking you at least two years to think of another idea? Guest host, Courtney Kraft, shares tips on coming up with a new character idea along with guests, Alexis George and Maxwell Colburn, experienced players with theatrical backgrounds that are known to play a variety of characters, principally in Dystopia Rising and Twin Mask.

Guest host, Courtney Kraft, is a LARPer with over 20 years of experience and is currently a writer and performer with Dungeon Master. Her notable experiences include working with many gaming businesses including Geek & Sundry, Anime Expo, and G4.

Alexis George is an editor and LARPer based out of Los Angeles. She currently is a player advocate at Twin Mask, and a writer and Operations Guide at the NorCal Dystopia Rising chapter. She can be found at @Alexisspeaking on Instagram and Twitter.

Maxwell Colburn is a crafter, dramaturge, and LARPer based out of North Hollywood. He is currently an Operations Guide at the NorCal Dystopia Rising chapter. He came to LARPing through battle games and is still an avid stick jock. He can be found on Instagram @DeniablePlausability.

Hosts Cynthia Marie, Kai and Ryan have a full table discussion with guests Vivid Vivka, Aelflaed and Liam Neary on how Veteran players affect long time running games, how they shape the experiences for new players and the whole game world and the responsibility veterans, intermediate players and new players have to each other to keep a LARP community going. 

We also define different ways what makes a veteran player in a LARP.

VividVivka is a one-woman virtuoso of all things geeky. She is an accomplished and seasoned costume designer and cosplayer, specializing in armor and detailed builds. She's a video-game fanatic, Magic: the Gathering obsessed, and has a long list of Waifus. She is currently on Dungeons and Dragons' Maze Arcana Twitch show "Sirens of the Realms", as Ghost. She also plays the Dungeons & Dragons NPC, the Black Viper. She actively participates in a Vampire: the Masquerade LARP, and has a steady hard obsession with LARPing at Twin Mask. Her collection of sparkly dice is to be envied but her rolls are terrible.

Aelflaed is a model, cosplayer, and LARPer from Seattle. She began LARPing three year and immediately fell in love with it. She currently mainly plays Dystopia Rising, but is always ready for the next adventure in whatever world it may be.

Liam Neary is an actor, prop maker, costumer, and Live Action Roleplayer! In his professional experience, he acted as a game runner for Dystopia Rising: Massachusetts, and has worked to broaden his horizons in the hobby by participating in various LARPs internationally. Liam is a nerd extraordinaire working in front of, and behind the camera. While in reality, we have suspicion to believe he may actually be a dead body piloted by 3 cats studying humanity for plots of world domination.Nevertheless, the less we know the better.

We made this podcast in response to one of the most searched topics on the internet in relation to LARP: "How to Win at LARP." But it is far more interesting to fail or set yourself up for failure in LARPs when it comes to roleplaying.

Ryan and Kai are joined by Ash Minnick, Kevin Pearl and Quintin Johnston to talk about their favorite moments when their characters or plot failed at LARP and why taking risks will give you stories that you'll end up telling for years after that scene.

Ash Minnick is a Producer at Geek & Sundry, player of games, builder of props, mother of kittens

From Quintin: “I play Twin Mask, Apocalypse 47, Undying, other LARPs around SoCal! I’m even staff for some of them, so come check them out! I’m also a friendly bean that you can talk to about anything if you ever wanna talk LARP shop!”

Kevin Pearl is one of those New Yorkers trapped in LA you often hear about. He has been Larping in one form or another since 2004 and is getting ready for the Cozy Larp Festival in April in Highland Park. https://cozylarp.wordpress.com/cozy2019/



We asked our listeners to our podcast to submit their favorite LARP story to us, in celebration of reaching 10,000 downloads here on Life. Action. RolePlay! So the hosts, Cynthia, Kai and I pick our favorites, read them and react.

These stories range from the romantic to the downright scary, some stories of personal pride and the outright funny, we are very thankful to receive these and we thought this would be a perfect way to add our audience's stories along with ours!

We even have a radio drama submission retelling a LARP event.

So these are the best LARP stories from among our submissions and we hope to get into more of these in future podcasts!

January 2, 2019

How to Stay Positive

Sometimes we get ready for LARP very hyped but the day comes and we're not in the mood to play. We're either low energy or we're distracted by something outside of game that affects how we roleplay. 

Kai and Ryan are joined by James Dickinson, a marshal for Dystopia Rising: NorCal, as we talk about how players can get into a roleplay mood when they are not feeling it, how the community can reinforce positivity proactively, and how to remain positive in the face of negative situations or even negative characters.

According to James in his own bio: James Dickinson is a somewhat experienced larp staff member and player with particular enthusiasm for positive community and comedic role play.

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