From our second live talk show of Life. Action. RolePlay! We are honored to bring back Jason Carl, Storyteller for LA by Night and Brand Marketing Manager for the World of Darkness. We talk about roleplaying in this time of COVID and how the World of Darkness, and roleplaying and LARP in general, are affected by it. We took questions from the live chat and answer them here.

The podcast has been edited from the live broadcast to remove long pauses or live broadcasting issues. 

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Ryan, Cynthia Marie and Kai did their first livestreamed talk show on their new LifeActionRolePlay twitch channel and invited the audience to ask questions live!

For the first live talk show, the topic "How to Roleplay" is kept general enough to involve people from beginners to veterans, and also address multiple roleplay scenarios from LARP to tabletop to livestreamed games.

The show has been edited to reduce pauses or stray noises.

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The hosts get together remotely to record a podcast about games we playing through this time of social distancing. At the time when we recorded this, lockdown has been effect for a while and we talk honestly about how we are doing and how we are coping.

The conversation moved into trying to be motivated to get throughout the day, so we also talk about using gaming as a way to accomplish things.

We reference a book of microLARPs called "work/play" by Alex Flanigan in this podcast, found at:

Cynthia Marie, Kai Norman, and Ryan Omega are finally back together for this episode of Life. Action. RolePlay! The topic is "Making Character Backgrounds" and we start with a test to see what KIND of character we like playing by taking the "Bartle Test" that tells us how we like to game.

We also segue into the idea of "Play to Lose," an advanced concept in roleplaying where you make bold narrative choices that could end badly for your character.

You can take the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology at this link here:

While visiting Seattle, Ryan interviews Tobias McCurry, a regular guest here on Life. Action. RolePlay! except visiting him in his hometown on Valentine's... er... Sonic Day! 

The topic is "How to Do The Dumb," a phrase referring to being brave enough to make a foolish choice as your character in a game rather than the wiser choice in real life. It means letting go of ego and embracing the fun in failure! 

Tobias McCurry is a maker, costumer, and performer out of Seattle, WA. Known primarily for his participation in the show "Steampunk'd" on GSN, and his Steampunk creations such as his "Spring-Heeled Jack" outfit, his most notable works involve his unique take on costuming. He strives to integrate special effects knowledge and practicality into outfits, props, and other projects.

Coming from a strong background of professional theatre and performance involving anything from spewing fire to sword fighting, Tobias has made himself the jack of all trades of event production. Utilizing his knowledge of the performing arts, he has expanded the art to platforms such as Live Action Roleplaying (LARP), independent film/commercials, and the convention circuit itself!

Participating in LARP across the US for over a decade, he has become strong advocate for its creative and mental benefits as a performing art for nerds. Tobias has engaged in genres such as Medieval Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Steampunk and more while encompassing aspects such as character development, production, interpersonal communication and practical costuming.


Cynthia Marie, Ryan Omega and their guest, Lex the Chameleon talk about the differences between roleplaying in LARP and roleplaying while on camera in a livestream. They use examples from their own shows such as LA by Night and Blank Slate as well as the LARPs they've attended, such as Twin Mask and Vampire LARPs.

We also address ideas like, "How much of your roleplaying is performing when you know you are watched on camera?" and "What kind of characters are more difficult to roleplay in a LARP vs Livestream?"

January 1, 2020

The Blank Slate Deep Dive

First podcast of the new year and we're back!

Kai Norman interviews his co-host, Ryan Omega, on the creation, inspirations and the methods to create his livestream LARP show, Blank Slate, on the Scabby Rooster channel on Twitch. They go into several behind-the-scenes details on how to storytell with several players, giving them player agency, and also break the fourth wall to involve the chat into influencing the overall story.

This episode will have some spoilers as we get into the details of what influenced and behind the scenes events each season.

Ryan Omega sits down with Ryan Galiotto, who has been a site manager dealing with many LARP game sites, to talk about LARP logistics. This includes acquiring sites for a LARP game with tips on making it easier, challenges to deal with and some stories of the best and worst sites in our experience.

We also talk about Galiotto's involvement in the early days of the vampire network One World by Night, as he was responsible for getting those sites for LARPs in Chicago when the games first began in this network.

This is from the Kublacon series of podcasts recorded over Memorial Day Weekend in San Francisco.

Kai and Ryan interview Dustin Fletcher who came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, to talk about storytelling in LARPs but also in production. Our group has a unique set of backgrounds; all of us have worked in the entertainment industry, have experience playing games on livestream and have run LARPs.

We discuss some of our favorite moments as storytellers and the challenges we face wanting to tell a story when the LARP player base wants to do in a completely different direction and how we deal with that.

Dustin Fletcher runs the Dungeons & Dragons campaign, D4, alongside his Co-DM, Devan Henderson, on the #DnD Twitch channel. He has run LARP games and events with the emphasis on darker storytelling that includes making sets and props to create a more immersive world. He is also a professional movie propmaker and costumer. 

WARNING: This episode has discussions on graphic cruelty, torture and miscarriages, as related to storytelling and how player consent is important. Audience discretion is advised.

Picture of Dustin and Devan from D4 as an Ettin. Picture by @sebepic on Twitter.

In this episode, Ryan talks to Tina Braganza about the differences and similarities of Improv vs LARP. Tina is a theatrical performer and does not label herself as a gamer, so she has a unique perspective on this topic.

We do this on a Sunday morning over breakfast mimosas which definitely had an effect on the podcast!

We also tangent on the discussion of being People of Color in LARP, how that affects the character choices that we make in our roleplay interactions. 

This is part of the Kublacon series of podcasts recorded over Memorial Day Weekend.

Note: This podcast was reloaded due to found technical glitches in the original upload.

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