July 24, 2019

Brutal Storytelling (feat. Dustin Fletcher)

Kai and Ryan interview Dustin Fletcher who came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, to talk about storytelling in LARPs but also in production. Our group has a unique set of backgrounds; all of us have worked in the entertainment industry, have experience playing games on livestream and have run LARPs.

We discuss some of our favorite moments as storytellers and the challenges we face wanting to tell a story when the LARP player base wants to do in a completely different direction and how we deal with that.

Dustin Fletcher runs the Dungeons & Dragons campaign, D4, alongside his Co-DM, Devan Henderson, on the #DnD Twitch channel. He has run LARP games and events with the emphasis on darker storytelling that includes making sets and props to create a more immersive world. He is also a professional movie propmaker and costumer. 

WARNING: This episode has discussions on graphic cruelty, torture and miscarriages, as related to storytelling and how player consent is important. Audience discretion is advised.

Picture of Dustin and Devan from D4 as an Ettin. Picture by @sebepic on Twitter.

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