June 5, 2019

LARP Convention Games

What differentiates LARP games at conventions from those held at other sites? Are convention LARPs more immersive and more new player friendly? And what are some tips for those trying your first LARP at a convention?

Ryan sits down with an assorted circle of guests with varying degrees of LARP experience: James Medina, Ashley Bargenquast, Anson Thurston and Alex Webber. We recorded this at Kublacon, a gaming convention in San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend. As we were recording in a panel room, you'll hear guest voices who popped in their head to say hello and con murmuring outside the walls.

This recording was gone at Kublacon over Memorial Day Weekend and is the first of our Kublacon podcast series, interviewing and discussing various topics from the guests at the convention.


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