November 22, 2017

Life. Action. RolePlay! How to Play High Charisma Characters

Want to play a magnetic force of personality that draws several people to you? Or are you a bit shy in socializing and have no clue how to become a leader among people or an influence that gets the attention of others? 

In this episode, our largest podcast with six people at the table, we talk about how to play a high charisma character with people and storytellers that have experiences playing these types of characters in a LARP and practical tips on creating charisma when portraying your own character. 

Also covered in this podcast, the "Dark Future" mod in Twin Mask where newer players have the opportunity to experience leadership when the current leadership in the game falls drastically out of power in an alternative timeline/dream vision. 

Our guests:
Paul Howell, Head of Story for Twin Mask

A. Poisal, Recent Head Storyteller for La Sangre de Los Angeles

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