January 3, 2018

Life. Action. RolePlay! Vampire Storytelling and Player Immersion (feat. Jason Carl)

In this podcast, Cyn, Omega and guest host, CW Fox, are joined by Jason Carl, Producer for the 5th edition of Vampire the Masquerade for White Wolf, as we talk about the upcoming development of new rules to enchance the storytelling of vampire. We also delve into the definition roleplay itself and what constitutes "live action roleplay" as more social awareness of LARP has started to put several activities under that label.

Jason Carl has been working professionally with games all his life: at Wizards of the Coast, Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios, and as a digital games marketer. Today he is the CEO of By Night Studios, and the Vampire The Masquerade Producer at White Wolf Entertainment. A contributing author to many Mind's Eye Theatre LARP books, Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, and other books, he pursues a lifelong passion for live action roleplaying and RPGs.

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