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March 8, 2018

Ryan Omega 

Ryan Omega has been LARPing since 2000, originally playing Vampire The Masquerade in the One World by Night network of chronicles. He has been Assistant Storyteller for the Oakland/Berkeley chronicle: Wasting the Dawn, Head Storyteller for the San Francisco chronicle: Always Comes Evening and helped found the Los Angeles chronicle: La Sangre de Los Angeles which continues to run today. Ryan plays in the LARPs Twin Mask and Dystopia Rising NorCal.

Ryan has created the blackbox LARP series Blank Slate for the Scabby Rooster Twitch channel and Game Over Video Chat series for the LifeActionRolePlay Twitch channel, which was launched in 2020 as a response to the pandemic. Previous games he's produced and hosted include Arcana High for Maze Arcana, CCRIT (Community College of Readiness Initiative Training) and "Tarot and Talk" on Life. Action. RolePlay! and The Gamey Rooster, a boardgame show on Scabby Rooster.

His most recent projects include being a game designer and director for #RealityRP for Dungeons and Dragons #DnDLive2020 and being a livestream co-producer for IndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere.


Twitter: RyanOMGa

Instagram: ryanomega


Cynthia Marie

Cynthia Marie may be relatively new to LARP but she is no stranger to the immersive and performing arts. She brings to the podcast her deep and broad experience as a director, choreographer, dancer, and cosplayer for various events in the Los Angeles area, including the internationally famous Sypher Arts Studio's Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade. With a BFA from California Institute of the Arts, she has made visual performance a key part of her life, contributing to events from such companies Dark Tide Productions, Astra Dance, and the Wandering Marionettes, in addition to many costumed appearances as various DC Comics heroines and Disney princesses featured on Cartoon Network, CNN, and G4. Her experiences have given her the love for character work that prepared her for this next adventure.

Her introduction to the LARP community was her appearance as a vampire in By Night Studio's promotional video for the Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade crowdfunding campaign, and she knew from that moment that this would be a whole new world she wanted to explore. Cynthia's LARP debut was at Las Vegas by Night, a World of Darkness fan convention, where she made lasting positive memories and friendships. Now she combines her exploration of LARP with her knowledge of the performing arts to bring a fresh perspective that she hopes will inspire new players who are curious about the LARP world, as well as help veterans who may not yet be thinking about LARP in terms of new player experience.  

Twitter: Cyndancer


Instagram: cynthia__marie 


Kai Norman

Kai Norman is a Sfx artist and costumer living in Los Angeles, 

If he were a class from dnd, he would be a bard.

He was raised on 2nd ed dnd and magic the gathering, and never really kicked the habit. 

His first larp experience was a local home brew by the university of east Anglia’s games society. 

He went on to try various WoD games and Lorien Trust before moving to the US. 

Currently he plays Dystopia Rising and Twin Mask in Southern California, and hopes to start his own larp in the future, using the variety of Sfx experience he’s gained from years in the new media and movie industry. 

His Instagram/Twitter is YoKaiProps and his favorite video game is Monster Hunter on ps4 as GrimKommissar 

Twitter/Instagram: YoKaiProps



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