January 2, 2019

How to Stay Positive

Sometimes we get ready for LARP very hyped but the day comes and we're not in the mood to play. We're either low energy or we're distracted by something outside of game that affects how we roleplay. 

Kai and Ryan are joined by James Dickinson, a marshal for Dystopia Rising: NorCal, as we talk about how players can get into a roleplay mood when they are not feeling it, how the community can reinforce positivity proactively, and how to remain positive in the face of negative situations or even negative characters.

According to James in his own bio: James Dickinson is a somewhat experienced larp staff member and player with particular enthusiasm for positive community and comedic role play.


It's not unusual when people think of Non Player Characters (NPCs), they think of a generic character like a merchant with a script of a few repeated lines in a video game. But in LARP, while an NPC merchant needs to sell their wares, they may choose who to sell it to, what price, or even entertain a bargain because they are STILL a character. 

For this podcast, Kai and Ryan speak with Brian Richardson, Director of the LARP "Last Frontier," Noxweiler Berf and Fabienne Miskelly, who both serve as Story Advocates for the LARP "Twin Mask."  We talk about the use of NPCs by LARP storytellers, how playing an NPC allows some players to try different things they aren't able to do as a PC, and their favorite NPCs and NPC moments.

Noxweiler Ignatius Berf was raised by wolves in the far reaches of the wild lands beyond The Wall. Classically trained in circus arts, puppetry, make-believe, and sleight of hand, his work as an artist and general ne’er-do-well can be found in various locations around Los Angeles. He is a player advocate for Twin Mask, a plot member for Undying, and producer of the Dungeon Master stage show. You can find him on The Painters Guild on Geek and Sundry and see his work on various properties on the Project Alpha channel. He also hosts a variety of content on Twitch.tv/goblincavalcade and can be seen on Anesidora on Maze Arcana with Ryan Omega! He is the creator of Boogah Badtongue and isn’t sorry about it.

Fabienne Miskelly is a player advocate at Twin Mask. She has a BFA in Performing Arts, with experience in performing, but also in technical aspects like stage combat, prop and scenic design, as well as managing theater company’s. You can find her performing in the improv show “Dungeon Master” in Los Angeles, on the Twitch Channel “Goblin Cavalcade”, and everywhere @MagicalGirlFab.

Brian Richardson is the co-creator of Last Frontier, a space-western mining town LARP in Southern California, and an equipment design engineer for a major medical device manufacturer. He has previously worked as a Marshal and Storyteller for Dystopia Rising SoCal.


In today's podcast, we talk about online roleplay: everything from Forum RP to Discord to even Instant Messenger all the way back to MUDs and AOL Chat and we discuss how it is both like LARP and not like LARP at all.

Joining Cynthia Marie and Ryan Omega are Courtney Kraft, Community Manager of Alpha; Angela Basset, one of the owners of Twin Mask LARP; and Cyn's sister, Lex, who all share their experiences, challenges and favorite moments of text based roleplay online.


What is LARP? In this podcast, our panel answers this question and everyone has a very different answer.

We also cover Kai Norman's experiences running his own LARP, his first opening game of Dystopia Rising: NorCal and things he has learned from that.

Our guests are Jared Rico, who plays in various LARPs in SoCal including Twin Mask and Empty Thrones and known colloquially as the "Meme Goblin," and Cyn's sister, Lex, who is a player in Twin Mask and the One World by Night Vampire game, LaSangre.


How does a LARP deal with the scaling of a game from about 20 players to nearly 200 people at an event? Joining Ryan Omega and guest host, CW Fox, are Angela and John Basset, the creators of Twin Mask, a Southern California LARP that has been dealing with recent expansions in game. They share what they have learned in making a game grow to accommodate a larger player base as well as their thoughts and opinions of the recent popularity of LARP not just in geek culture, but in the mainstream.


In this podcast, we focus on the art of making props with our very own Kai Norman and our special guest Lauren Markland. Both have had extensive experience in crafting prop items, clothing and weapons in the entertainment industry and they share tips and tricks on how they bring that creative expertise to LARP.


Kai, Ryan and Lauren with... "handfeet."



Many LARP genres like vampire and post-apocalyptic LARPs often have a hint of humor or lightness in their games and this podcast covers how a little bit of humor can temper a darker game. We also cover setting up ambiance in a LARP game and the humor inspired by that.

Joining Ryan and Cynthia today is Bruce Monach and Joanna Cross, storytellers from the custom Vampire LARP, Hollywood Forever LARP. Bruce also is the Game Master and Game Creator of the show "Anesidora" on the Maze Arcana channel.


Have you played a character concept in a LARP and realized you don't know where to take your character in the story? Or have you played a long time character, about to start another, but completely clueless where to start?

Hosts, Ryan and Cynthia Marie are joined by guests, CW Fox and PJ Megaw, to discuss different ways to avoid getting stuck with your character and brainstorming new character concepts.

At least it started this way. There's going to be a lot of discussion about Cheesy pizza places and bad accents in this podcast.  


In this interview recorded while at Gen Con, Kai Norman and Ryan Omega interview Matthew Webb from Jackalope Live Action Studios, starting from the discussion of Webb's blockbuster LARP, "The Night in Question," into the exploration of why people indulge in stories of monsters, gore and evil and why villains are so seductive. And when these narratives translate into a live action roleplaying event, the responsibility that the event runners have to keep everyone safe when exploring these dark topics.


It was 110 degrees when we were sharing a bottle of pink wine and Ryan, Cynthia Marie, Kai and Tobias McCurry talked about stories of long time friendships from LARP and roleplaying. While segueing into other topics, we talk extensively about reaching for the safety of communities in LARP as the foundation for many of these friendships and relationships to grow.


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