For today's episode, Cyn, Kai, and Ryan tackle a more light-hearted topic where you had to roleplay a character or plan a LARP or roleplaying game and things fell apart at that moment. So we talk about our epic fails (and how we dealt with them) and our unexpected triumphs when things in our roleplay took a wide left turn!

And we did this over drinks. So some of the podcast also didn't go as planned (but decided to keep this in editing!)

What happens if you no longer find joy in roleplaying or LARP? Is it because your time with the hobby or game is over is there something else happening?

We invite back Tessa Thurman to the show as we discuss what happens in our brain chemistry when we experience LARP fatigue (or Roleplay fatigue) and what are solutions to resolve these issues so we can find joy in roleplay again in our games.

Tessa Thurman is a game designer and game writer who also runs escape rooms, including virtual escape rooms during the time of quarantine.

Bleed, the roleplay concept where emotions you feel as your character are carried over into your real life, seems to be heightened while we roleplay over Zoom during the pandemic. 

Ryan, Cyn, and Kai talk with our guest, Tessa Thurman, about the scientific and chemical processes in our brain that allow us to feel the highs and lows of roleplay and discuss strategies on how to mitigate those lows from affecting our everyday mood.

Outline Storytellers and Game Masters guide their players along a prescripted path. Sandbox Storytellers and Game Masters give their players freedom to do things until confronted with boundaries. How can you tell which one you are and how can you prevent railroading your players, where players are given no options except the story you wrote?

Joining us is Kailey Bray, the DM for Damsels and Dice, the Disney Princess DnD game, as we collectively figure out which types of storytellers we are, how do we prevent decision paralysis in players and when we give players a nudge when they take too long?

With the current quarantines in place, there has been a couple of questions most LARPers are afraid to ask: What will the future of LARP look like? Will things ever return to normal?

Joining us for this topic are Garrett Hallows, the Head of Story for Twin Mask, and Fabienne Miskelly, one of the producers for the Twitch channel, Scabby Rooster, to talk about the adaptations current LARPs need to continue making roleplay accessible, including an in-depth discussion on the different virtual LARPs taking place in Discord and Tik-Tok. We also speculate what Physical LARPs will look like when we are cleared to interact socially again in physical spaces.



Cynthia Marie, Kai Norman and Ryan Omega welcome Mikey Strange, a storyteller for Twin Mask LARP and the puzzle maker for Aetherhaus Academy on the Twitch channel, Scabby Rooster. 

Cyn takes the host helm while Mikey, Kai and Ryan all talk about how their methods of creating puzzles and using puzzles in their storytelling. Mikey shares where his inspirations for puzzles come from, Kai explains in detail his favorite puzzle, the Einstein Puzzle, and Ryan talks about his favorite storytelling puzzle as a one-shot mod.

Ryan and Cyn are joined by Krystina Arielle, Jordan Raskopoulos, and Sharang Biswas and together, they were all part of #RealityRP, one of the featured events for DnD Live 2020. Sharang and Ryan were two of the five narrative designers and Krystina, Jordan and Cyn were three of the ten performers.

Reality RP was a comprehensive roleplay event that included roleplay on Instagram, discussions on Discord, twine adventures, the audience finding clues on the DnD Live 2020 website, and a live-streamed reality programming elimination event.

Here the designers and performers talk about the event, all the behind-the-scenes that people didn't see on live video and their favorite moments from the three-day game.


Kai, Cynthia and Ryan invite Greg Tito, the Senior Communications Manager for Dungeons & Dragons, to talk about his D&D event of the year: DnD Live! Greg talks about the history of DnD Live, how the event showcases a different way to play and upcoming things about #DnDLive2020!

Ryan, who is one of the Narrative Team/game designers for DnDLive2020, will also talk about the development of #RealityRP which is a mixture of Reality gaming, LARP and canon DnD characters, and his experiences directing the intro videos for Dungeons & Dragons.

Ryan, Cynthia Marie and Kai invite their friends, Shea Gibbons, the new Head of Story of Dystopia Rising: Northern California, and Ezekiel Bradshaw-Little, from the Community Management Team for Twin Mask, to talk about using costume, props and physical movement to enhance your characters.

This audio track was taken from the live talk show of "Life. Action. RolePlay!" on the new Twitch channel: 

This has been edited to tighten the track without removing the original content.

From our second live talk show of Life. Action. RolePlay! We are honored to bring back Jason Carl, Storyteller for LA by Night and Brand Marketing Manager for the World of Darkness. We talk about roleplaying in this time of COVID and how the World of Darkness, and roleplaying and LARP in general, are affected by it. We took questions from the live chat and answer them here.

The podcast has been edited from the live broadcast to remove long pauses or live broadcasting issues. 

To catch live episodes of Life. Action. RolePlay! Tune in to the twitch channel under!

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